One Single Distribution & Booking System for Specialized Tour Operators


Our product Mozart is a SaaS enterprise and booking system that allows specialized tour operators to distribute their inventory through our software to offline travel agencies. We digitize inventory of these operators that today is mainly distributed through print media, discounter sales prospectuses, daily newspapers and the like, and make it searchable, comparable & bookable for travel agencies. We generate a win-win situation for agencies and tour operators by higher booking rates and volume.


We connect specialized tour operators with travel agencies

Through our distribution system Mozartreisen, we connect tour operators providing special travel content unique travel experiences such as adventure, round trips, cultural trips, expeditions and the like with travel agencies. Our consulting tool allows travel agents to browse for various travel types, vacations, and operators and provides an automated and system-based booking track, making manual booking requests and processes obsolete. 


For travel agencies

Mozart allows travel agencies to browse, search and compare different tour operators. Our system represents a professional consulting tool vis-a-vis the end customer. With the help of our software, we make tour operators search- & bookable for travel agents, system-based - we hence substitute and eliminate manual booking requests per phone or mail. Our system speeds up the content search process as well as the booking process through a quick & easy booking management.

For tour operators

Our enterprise and distribution software provides small and medium-sized specialized tour operators digital management of their trips as well as digital distribution towards B2B partners such as travel agencies. Through our software, tour operators can not only manage their trips, availability and prices, but also their contracts with travel agencies as well as all incoming bookings realtime. Hence, tour operators do not need any expensive additional tour operator system.